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Our Approach

AMPLIFY the Patient Voice

Promote the patient narrative to enhance the engagement and collaboration amongst health care stakeholders.

Apply authentic Patient Experience programming to critical healthcare issues.

Collaborate with essential healthcare stakeholders.

Drive Engagement of Patient Centred Care and Navigation
Social Impacts

Empower Patient Self-Management

Increase Patient Participation

Improve Treatment Compliance

Raise Patient Safety Standards

Membership and Patient Arsenal

Personal Advocacy

Enabling Personalized Medicine

Patient Bill of Rights

Patient Engagement Whitepaper TM

Patient Survival Guide TM

Innovative Stakeholder Advocacy Strategies

Advocacy Training

Critical Issues POA

Disease Awareness

Burden of Illness

Access & Equity

Read a blog post from the 'WHY SANDPILE?' series...
Patient Survival Guide while in the clutch of the Canadian Healthcare System

        In trying to provide tools and a map to survive the patient journey, maybe we should first reflect on the whole idea of the Health care “system”. Ideally, our healthcare safety net, as a complex system, would have many of the interconnected moving parts working synergistically for a common outcome. In practice we know that whether due to funding, professional territoriality, politics, geography, structure, governance…. to name but a few, the Canadian Healthcare system is completely fragmented and silo’ed.


        In the fascinating book “How Nature Works” (1996) by physicist Per Bak, he talks about the “Sand Pile effect”....

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